What could be the next surprise in Cosmology?

03-06-2018 | 15:00 | A. Rostagni

Relatore: Licia Verde, ICREA (Institucio' Catalana de Ricerca i Estudis Avancats) & ICC (Instituto de Ciencias del Cosmos),University of Barcelona (Spain)

Excellence Programme "Physics of the Universe” Colloquium

The standard cosmological model has been established and its parameters are now measured with unprecedented precision.
This model successfully describes observations from widely different epochs of the Universe, from primordial nucleosynthesis all the way to the present day.
However, there is a big difference between modelling and understanding.
The next decade will see the era of large surveys; a large coordinated effort of the scientific community in the field is on-going to map the cosmos producing an exponentially growing amount of data.
In the past whenever there was a major advance in observing the cosmos, cosmology has provided us with “surprises”, and some had profound implications for physics. I will discuss what the next “surprise” from cosmology may be and its possible implications.

The Colloquium is intended for Faculty members, post-docs and students of the Physics and Astronomy Department "G. Galilei"


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